Flipping Tips
Of course there is a multitude of sources for resources you can use, but if you are creating your own recordings here are some tips.

Page Contents
  1. Recording Tips
  2. Editing Tips
  3. What To Record
  4. Suggested Length
  5. Homework Follow Up

1. Recording Tips
  • Practise recording - look for what can be cut.
  • Record in a quiet spot in which you won't be interrupted.
  • Familiarise yourself with the program you will use for recording. (If it doesn't do editing, familiarise yourself with your editing program too.)
  • Have a timer somewhere visible.
  • Find out whether your class wants to or doesn't want to see your face.
  • Any goofs can be cut in editing, so don't waste your time re recording unless absolutely necessary.

2. Editing Tips
  • Make sure you edit out all the 'dead' bits.
  • Add a few pop ups / arrows / sub titles / write on the screen for visual interest.
  • If you have time, add some editing that highlights key parts (eg zooming in on texts).
  • If you have time, you can transfer your recording into Mozilla Popcorn and add hyperlinks (can do pop ups there too).
  • If your video is longer than 5 minutes, include a 'pause for an an activity' in the video.

3. What To Record
  • Start with material you have to teach all the time so it's worth the investment of time and energy.
  • Content students need to know/understand to be able to do the next lesson's activities.
  • Material that complements students' class work.
  • Physical demonstrations for practical subjects.

4. Suggested Length
Suggested maximum (in minutes) for the length of an individual piece of flipped material (eg a video):
  • Year 7 - 5 mins or 2 x 3 mins with an activity in between
  • Year 8 - 5-6 mins or 2 x 4 mins with activity
  • Year 9 - 6-7 mins or 2 x 4 with activity
  • Year 10 - 8 mins or 2 x 5 with activity
  • Year 11 - 8-10 mins or 2 x 5 with activity
  • Year 12 - 10 mins or 2 x 6 with activity

5. Homework Follow Up
Here are some quick, easy, and tangbile ways to check homework completion: