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Tools For Flipping
This is if you are creating your own source material. Of course there is a plethora of online material you can refer students to such as Ted-Ed videos.

ascreenr.jpgScreenR It's online. You get five minutes of recording time, can resize the selection area so you only record what you want from your screen, and there is a choice of capture sizes. Free.

Camtasia You need to have this on your computer. You get unlimited time and editing capabilities. Currently about $99 for individual license.

PowerPoint You already have it on your computer. You get unlimited time, some editing capabilities, and some great animation options.

avideocamera.jpgVideo Camera You can record yourself, then upload it. You get unlimited time, and a file you can use in Mozilla Popcorn, Camtasia, iMovie, or whatever editing program you like.

apopcorn.jpgMozilla Popcorn You need to already have a video recorded, but you can 'spice it up' with active links and other editing features. Free.

ascreencast.jpgScreencast-O-Matic Similar to ScreenR. Gives you 15 minutes' recording time. Gives you an option of your face in a smaller box. Puts a small watermark in the corner. Free.

PlayPosit Haven't had a chance to explore this yet, but looks promising. playposit.jpg

Tools For Giving Students Access

As always, there are more tools than could possibly be covered, but if you're new to online learning environments this gives you some places to start. Images are hyperlinked.

logoOW.jpg Online learning environment. Free, but bound to your place of work.
logoW.jpg Collaborative learning environment. Free.
logoE.jpg Edmodo Collaborative learning environment. Free.
logoYT.jpg Video uploader. Free.
logoSS.jpg Slideshare Upload your powerpoints. Free.
logoT.jpg Collaborative learning environment. Free.

Tools For Monitoring Student Engagement With Flipped Material

Again, there are amazing online tools available. Here are just a few to get you started.

Google Docs or form
a wikispace post,
or today's meet.
survey monkey
nearpod, or
Office Mix.